How to find the answer


The only way to find the answer is to tackle the first half of the equation; to find the question. Without the correct question, how to find the answer can be a daunting task. At times, however, an answer may come to you before you even knew a question existed.

Many questions can be answered with an iPhone in hand, such as “What is soap?” or “Why is the grass green?” But what about life’s bigger questions, such as “Who am I?” or “What is my purpose?” These philosophical questions can not be answered from a search query on the Internet. Questions such as these must be found from within.

How to find the answer with Meditation

Ask the question or think of a problem then pratice meditation. Meditation is best done in a quite place with no music or other such outside stimulation. Even 15 minutes of meditation (not a nap, listening to music or watching TV) a day will reveal many of life’s deeper answers. The way most people meditate to by siting cross-legged with a straight spine, hands comfortably relaxed on the knees, using steady, deep breaths, with the eyes closed, clearing the mind of all the toughts that run through it.

How to find the answer with Affirmations

An affirmation is like programming a computer; it’s a phrase is spoken to the self over and over. One good technique is to repeat each affirmation 3 times. Many people will resist affirmations, saying “I just don’t believe in that kind of stuff” or “that stuff doesn’t work.” Even if an affirmation is not believed, it is still programming the sub-conscious and the spirit and the body and universe will react. Some examples of affirmations:

“There is no such thing as sadness, only an eternal uprising of joy in my heart.”

“There is no such thing as sickness, my body is the perfect embodiment of health.”

“There is no such thing as poverty, every venture I pursue leads to eternal wealth.”

How to find the answer by putting the question aside

Many great thinkers and problem solvers have used this technique. Ponder a question or problem, then do something else and do not think of it while doing the other activity. Go for a walk, go to the park, fly a kite or scip rocks on the water. Many times once a quest is placed aside on the back-burner of the mind, the sub-conscious will still work on the solution until bam, suddenly the answers reveals itself seemingly out of the blue.

How to find the answer in your sleep

Ask a question three times before going to sleep, then clear your mind of it and drift off thinking about something else. As the mind sleeps the subconcious mind unwinds and processes what the outer mind has fed it, it can also find answers; you can awake in the morning with answer fresh in your mind.

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