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Swollen hands


Swollen hands is a discomfort many people suffer from for various reasons. An injury can sometimes be to blame, however medical conditions can also cause swollen hands. There is also a condition called edema that is caused from small blood vessels leaking fluid into the surrounding tissue.

Another common cause of swollen hands is arthritis, the symptoms include both swelling and pain in the joints. If arthritis is the suspected cause of swelling, seeking advise from a doctor may be a good idea. A doctor can run tests and take x-rays to determine if there is arthritis, what type arthritis and what treatments are available.

Certain types of medical condition may also cause swollen hands, such as kidney disease. Although swollen legs are much more common, but kidney disease can also cause swollen hands. Cancer or other serious medical conditions can also cause swollen hands, especially if it’s lymphatic because the lymphatic system helps eliminate the body of fluids.

Swollen hands can also be caused by the use of certain medications. Some medications that can cause swollen hands are estrogen treatments, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and some diabetes medications that can cause fluid to leak from blood vessels. Drugs that open blood vessels or calcium antagonist medications can cause edema resulting in swollen hands.

Either a lot of activity or lack or activity can also cause swollen hands. For example, sitting in the same position for long periods of time can cause edema. Strenuous exercise can cause hand swelling because it causes blood flow to the muscles, heart and lungs and decreases blood flow to the hands and other parts of the body. Heavy sweating can also cause swelling because fluid loss that occurs.

Diet can also cause swollen hands, especially a diet very high or very low in sodium. Consuming high levels of salt can result in blood vessels leaking fluid in the surrounding tissue. Drinking a large quantity of water especially combined with vigorous physical activity, such as running a marathon, can reduce sodium levels or even cause hyponatremia, an electrolyte imbalance. Other signs of hyponatremia are vomiting and confusion.

During pregnacy, women may experience swollen hands as a result of a premenstrual symptom. Both pregnant and premenstrual women will typically experience water retention throughout the entire body.

If a person experiences swollen hands for extended periods it is a good idea to get a medical examination to see if there is a more serious medical condition causing the swelling.

What is Oncology?


Oncology is a type of medicine that specializes in the treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices in the treatment of cancer is called and oncologist. An oncologist must be trained for different types of cancer and to diagnose the best treatment for each type of cancer.

A practicing oncologist may also specialize in the treatment of a specific type of cancer. When diagnosing, an oncologist trains to detect cancer and what type from the symptoms of the patient. To make accurate diagnosis, an oncologist determines which tests should be performed to best advise a treatment plan. The treatment may consist of a single treatment or multiple treatments. Oncology is a field that typically requires an ongoing study due to the consistent changes of causes and treatment of cancer. This way, an oncologist remains up to date with all the current research about cancer to best treat patients.

Once an oncology student completes training, specific exams must be passed to become a board certified oncologist. The exam will be both written and oral as we as a review of the oncology candidate’s work. The main oncology fields of practice are chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgical treatment. There are also specific treatments of cancer such as brain cancer, children’s cancer or in gender specific organs.