What is a duvet?


A duvet is a large bag-like cover that a blanket or comforter is inserted into, traditionally a down-feather filled comforter. A duvet is designed to cover a bed in replacement of a blanket, quilt, afghan or comforter with no duvet. A duvet both protects a comforter and changes the style the bedding (most feather-down filled comforters are all white or off-white in color). In warm climates, especially in summer, just a single duvet with no comforter in it is usually warm enough. The duvet likely originated in Europe, however it is used world-wide now. The origin of the word “duvet” can be traced back to the Old Norse “dunn” which refers to “down.” The French picked up the word “dunn” and over the centuries it evolved to “duvet.”

Despite their differences, a duvet and a comforter are at times confused to be the same thing. However, a duvet is made to be used as a cover for a down comforter. This is helpful for cleaning since a down comforter can be difficult to clean and a duvet can be removed and typically machine washed. A duvet is a flat bag like cover where a comforter is usually filled with down feathers and is very fluffy. A duvet can also be used by itself as a light-weight cover with no other blankets or covers.

A comforter has no detachable cover, is used to be decorative as well as functional, and the entire comforter has to be washed as a whole, typically dry-cleaned. Since comforters are filled with down feathers they are puffy instead of flat.

When shopping for a duvet it’s a beneficial to look for quality fabric and a well-sewn product. Color, patterns, quality and price can really vary for a duvet to match just about whatever a consumer’s needs may be. A duvet is a nice way to change a bedding style and a great way to protect a comforter and a duvet is also a great cover for hotter climates or summer months when a comforter is not necessary.

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