What is Democracy?


Democracy /deeˈmah kreh see/ is an organization, government, or group that is controlled by the majority of its eligible members. The root of the word democracy is the Greek word δημοκρατία(dēmokratía), which means “rule of the people” from around 400 BC, this was to represent the political systems that existed during that time.

Democracy as a form of government is when all eligible citizens have a say in the decisions of how the land is governed. In a democracy each person is allowed an equal vote and to participate directly, or through elected representatives, for the creation of laws and development. Democracy allows the ability to practice self pursuit of social, economic and cultural growth.

Democracy is in contrast to monarchy, where power is controlled by one person, or oligarchy or aristocracy where power is held by a small number of people. Many modern governments are a mix of democracy, oligarchy and aristocracy. Democracy allows people to have control of the people that rule and lead them, and allows the removal of such people of authority without requiring a revolution.

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