What is football? (American football)


What is football? The US version of football (also referred to as American Football) is a game played between two teams with an oval-shaped ball, typically made of leather. Football is played on a football field 120 yards in length and 53 1/2 yards in width. The “in-bounds” area of the game is marked as a gridiron with goal posts on each end called the end zones. Each end zone is 10 yards deep. Football goal posts are 20 feet high, 18 feet 6 inches wide with a cross bar 10 feet above the ground. Each football team consists of eleven players, who attempt to carry, pass or kick the ball into the end zone at the other end of the field. Football is played by people of all ages and has many different leagues, but the National Football League (NFL) is the largest. The NFL season begins in September and ends in January with a final game called the Super Bowl, where the winning team of each division competes for the Super Bowl Championship, earning each player a Championship Ring.

Football Coach

The football coach is the person who leads the team in both moral and game stragegy.

Football Player

The football player is a person on the team with the athletic ability to play the game of football.

Football time

Football time is the duration of the game, the total football time is split into four quarters with each quarter consisting of 12 minutes. After the 2nd quarter there is a period called ‘half-time,” during which the players can rest and reconvene with the coach to review the team’s performance and to plan the second half of the game plan.

Football timeout

A football timeout is when a member of the team calls for the play clock to stop. Each team gets three timeouts per half and for overtime, this makes for 6 football timeouts in regutation football time. Timeouts do not carry over from the first half into the second half nor from the second half into overtime. To challenge an official’s call in professional football, a team must have at least one remaining timeout.

Football Play clock

A football play clock is the time the team with the football has to make another play after the previous play ended. The official football play clock time for the NFL is 40 seconds.

Football delay of game

A football delay of game is when the team with the football fails to begin a play before the play clock expires. This time limit varies by league, typically it’s 25 seconds from the time the referee signals the ball ready for play. In the NFL, it can also be 40 seconds from the end of the play, this depends on the circumstances. The defensive team (the team without the ball) can also be given a delay of game penalty if they do not quickly give the bll to the officials, prevent a player from getting up after a play has ended or if a player kicks the ball.

Football kick

A football kick is when the football is kicked down the field for the opposing team to receive or to score points by kicking the ball between the goal posts.

Football kicker

A football kicker, more commonly referred to as “the kicker,” is the player in charge of kicking the football when essence. Even though the football kicker is not on the field much during a football game, their position is very important and very stressful. A football kicker is important because it is their job to kick the ball as far down the field to the receiving team as possible without sending the ball out of bounds or past end zone line and to score points with field goal attempts. A football kicker position is stressful because many games are won or lost by a kick, therefore the whole game can be riding on a kickers successful attempt to score a field goal. If the football kicker succeeds, they are the hero. If the football kicker fails, they can be the scapegoat for a lost game.

Line of scrimmage

The line of scrimmage is the yard line on the field the team with the ball begins a play. If a team begins a play on the 20 yard line, the 20 yard line is the line of scrimmage. If they start the next play on the 31 yard line, the 31 yard line is the line of scrimmage.

Football Down

A football “down” is a term referring to a completed football play that ended by typically the football player with the ball going down from a tackle or going out of bounds or the ball hitting the ground or going out of bounds. Each play is called a down and each down begins with a 10 yard distance. The immediate objective for team with the ball is to obtain another first down by crossing the first down marker. For example, if a team starts on the 20 yard line, the first down line is on the 30 yard line. After a play, if the team with the ball loses 3 yards from the quarterback being sacked three yards back from the line of scrimmage, they are at “2nd and 5,” the “2nd” meaning second down and the “5” meaning 5 yards to go until the next first down. On the next play, if the team with the ball gains another 2 yards, it’s called 3rd and 3. If on the next play they lose 5 yards, it’s called

Football game plan

A football game plan is a team’s offense and defense strategy that is prepared before a game. A football game plan is typically developed by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and working on the best approach to win the game. A football game plan can change during a game if the intended football game plan is not succeeding. This ability to alter and adapt to an opposing team is a major contributing factor to many championship teams.

Football Offense

A football offense are the designated players on the team that drive the ball down the field and attempt to score points by means of a touchdown or a field goal.

Football scoring

There are 4 ways for football scoring; a touchdown, an extra point, a field goal and a two point conversion.

Football touchdown

A football team scores a “touchdown” by running the football into the end zone or catching the football in the end zone, awarding the team that scores a touchdown six points.

Football extra point

After scoring a touchdown, the team has a chance for an additional one point called the “extra point.” The extra point is gained by the football kicker kicking the ball between the goal posts from the 30 yard line. A successful touchdown and extra point makes for a 7 point drive.

Football field goal

A field goal is when the football kicker kicks the football between the end zone goal posts from the field. A field goal is typically performed when the team is on fourth down and is in field goal range or when the game is in overtime and the football team with the ball is in field goal range which would win the game.

Football two point conversion

Instead of kicking the extra point after a touchdown, a team can attempt to run the football into the end zone or catch the football in the end zone for two extra points called a “two point conversion.” It is much more difficult to successfully accomplish a two point conversion then an extra point kick, so typically a team will not attempt a two point conversion unless they are down on points near the end of the game and they need all the extra points they can get, or they have such a substantial lead that they can afford not getting the extra point in a failed two point conversion attempt. Only one 2 point conversion attempt is allowed after a touchdown.

Field goal challenge

Field goal kicking game

Football Overtime

Football overtime occurs when the score between the two football teams is tied at the end of the fourth quarter. Football overtime is 12 minutes in duration, begins with another coin-toss to determine who receives the kickoff and the winner is determined by whatever team scores first.

Football outside of the US

The game football outside of the US generally refers to the game called soccer in the US. Both American football and international football (soccer) were established from the United Kingdom game called rugby in the mid-1800’s.

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