What is gravity?


Gravity is a field of influence that controls how things behave in the universe. For example, if something is dropped, it falls towards the Earth instead of up into outer space. Gravity is also to be said that which keeps matter together, matter being what humans measure by mass, mass being what humans associate to touch. The more massive something is, the more matter it has, which in turn creates more gravity. So massive objects, such as planets and stars, have huge amounts of gravity or “pull.” Since stars are so massive and have so much gravity, planets will orbit them making galaxies such as the one planet Earth exists in. Other than mass, the amount of distance from something also plays a part in gravity, which is why things remain on Earth instead of flying off into outer space and into the gravitational pull of the Sun.

Something interesting to be theorized about gravity is that it is not only pulling down, it’s actually pushing in every direction in different amounts. The gravitational field of the Earth keeps us on it, however, we can defy it for a moment, by jumping off the Earth. If gravity was only pulling us down, we would no be able to lift off the ground and things would not be able to float, such as hot air balloons. Gravity can also be thought of as an outside force “pushing” in every direction, holding or pressing mass together.

Items of a smaller mass, such as humans, can not move massive objects such as the planet Earth. However, massive objects, such as the planet Earth, can plant people face first in a moment. Another contributing factor for gravity is inertia. Inertial creates gravity as well, for instance, if two people on roller-skates throw a ball back and forth, they will get pushed back farther each catch because the ball travels father. This is because the ball traveled farther each throw creating more inertia.

Albert Einstein, a scientist who lived in the 20th century, theorized that gravity is what happens when space itself is around a large mass, such as a star or a planet. So a star or planet would bend space and things would fall into them if they got within their gravitational pull. Experiments have been performed to prove that Einstein was right about this theory of gravity, however there are many questions that even Einstein could not answer. For instance, gravity being force which causes matter to be attracted to other matter, then why atoms are mostly empty space. In fact, an atom has very little matter in it at all. Also, it has not been explained how the forces that hold atoms together differ from gravity.

To date, gravity has not been defined as to what it actually is, only how it behaves. Some scientists explain gravity as being made up of particles called “gravitons” which travel at the speed of light and effect all known matter including light. However, it’s not truly known what gravity “is” in a fundamental way – only how it behaves and effects things in the universe. Therefore, the best explanation of gravity is a force created from massive objects in the universe.

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