What is Oncology?


Oncology is a type of medicine that specializes in the treatment of cancer. A medical professional who practices in the treatment of cancer is called and oncologist. An oncologist must be trained for different types of cancer and to diagnose the best treatment for each type of cancer.

A practicing oncologist may also specialize in the treatment of a specific type of cancer. When diagnosing, an oncologist trains to detect cancer and what type from the symptoms of the patient. To make accurate diagnosis, an oncologist determines which tests should be performed to best advise a treatment plan. The treatment may consist of a single treatment or multiple treatments. Oncology is a field that typically requires an ongoing study due to the consistent changes of causes and treatment of cancer. This way, an oncologist remains up to date with all the current research about cancer to best treat patients.

Once an oncology student completes training, specific exams must be passed to become a board certified oncologist. The exam will be both written and oral as we as a review of the oncology candidate’s work. The main oncology fields of practice are chemotherapy, radiation treatment and surgical treatment. There are also specific treatments of cancer such as brain cancer, children’s cancer or in gender specific organs.

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