When to work?


For the vast majority of the world, working is part of a large portion of life. Work provides financial gain to purchase survival items such as shelter, food and water and items to make life more comfortable, more entertaining and for luxuries. When to work can essentially come down to covering the basic necessities for essential survival needs for themselves and people that are dependent on them.

When to work can also be decided on personal lifestyle desire. For example:

  • If someone desires a low stress lifestyle, they may choose to work a lower paying job to save money and travel
  • A business executive that dedicates them self to working long hours but has too many responsibilities to take extended time off work
  • Working overtime at a job to save for something
  • Working more than one job to keep up with household expenses and support children

When to work is really determined by culture, financial necessity and lifestyle desire. Working also gives many people a feeling of productivity and keeps them from getting bored and unmotivated. Work is something that whether financially driven or simply for communal benefit is required for society to function. Without people working, every person would have to do every task to survive, such as obtain water, hunt for meals, ensure shelter, protect mates and children, etc. Work and assigned tasks is one of the corner stones of modern society and things such as tools, the mechanical revolution and the technological revolution. If the people that invented such marvels didn’t have the time to think and invent because they spent all their time on basic survival, people would likely still live in much more primitive conditions. Instead people took on tasks to support the community, however, their must be some reward or people would discontinue these tasks. This reward now is typically financial which is traded for necessities and desired goods.

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